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 Have you even gone to the store to buy condoms? Have you ever wanted to make an educated decision on all your birth control options but could not take the time to browse all the female and male birth control products because of uneasy feelings that people know what is about to happen? It can be awkward buying birth control options! In fact, I think we can relate to the other side too. When we see someone with a certain male birth control product, do we not automatically 'size them up'? Don't be so naive to think cashiers and other patrons in line do not do that. Don't worry, you're safe with us! Buy your new birth control products here! 

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In order to buy condoms you used to have to check out at the store and let everyone know indirectly your . . . size.
It's embarrassing, but sometimes when you buy condoms there is someone else doing the exact same thing, except they buy the larger size. If you're with your significant other then it can make it awkward to buy condoms. If you're just average, small, or even larger than average, now you don't have to let anyone else know. When you buy condoms with then you can always be prepared, safe, and never ashamed.