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 Most people asked me if I would post the 'for dummies' books on here. Could you blame them? No one wants to be though of as being a dummy, so for all you 'dummies' here are your resources. I'm not aware of 'reading for dummies' but if that's you, I'm sorry, there is not much I can do for you now. I'll write to the 'for dummies' guys and see what they can come up with.  Other books can be found by scrolling toward the bottom of the page! (Everybody Poops is incredibly popular.)

Remember: You can always suggest new books and resources by sending your suggestion to us! We guarantee your book or resource will be found and posted within 24 business hours! Happy reading, and don't worry, we wont tell. 

QuickBooks for Dummies


Office 2007 for Dummies

English Grammar for Dummies


Robert's Rules for Dummies

 Home Buying for Dummies

Stock Investing for Dummies

Personal Finance for Dummies 

Basic Math & Algebra for Dummies 

Twitter for Dummies 

Investing for Dummies 

Guitar for Dummies 

eBay for Dummies 


Anger Management for Dummies 

Sewing for Dummies 

Golf for Dummies 

iPhone 3Gs for Dummies 

Geometry for Dummies 

Day Trading for Dummies 

Football for Dummies 

HTML XHTML CSS for Dummies  

Piano for Dummies  

Diabetes Cookbook for Dummies  

Bridge for Dummies  

Weight Training for Dummies  

Fishing for Dummies 

Biology for Dummies 

The Internet for Dummies 

Macs for Dummies 

Resumes for Dummies 

Dating for Dummies 

Digital Photography for Dummies 

Etiquette for Dummies 

C++ for Dummies 

Cast-Iron Cooking for Dummies 

Everybody Poops

Excuses Begone! 

Win Friends & Influence People

Codependent No More 

Have a New Kid by Friday