The Proper Feminine Hygiene Disposal Is a Preventive and Protective Practice


All women have the responsibility to dispose their feminine hygiene products including, sanitary pads, tampons, feminine wipes, toilet papers, and etc. in the right place and on the right manner.  By doing this, possible hazards to other people, fellow women, and the community will be minimized.  

The following are some of the bad effects of improper feminine hygiene disposal:

1. Possible transmission of blood borne HIV and Hepatitis B virus.  HIV and Hepatitis B can be transmitted easily in the menstrual blood of an infected woman.  Improper disposal of sanitary pads and tampons of affected women will put some people at a high risk especially those who would accidentally come in contact with those products and if they happen to have an open wound or a break in a skin which will serve as the portal of entry for the virus.  

2. Clogs.  Most women tend to flush their feminine hygiene products down the toilet.  These products are not dissolved in water.  Increasing cost of plumbing repair is a concern in most washrooms due to this bad practice.  

3. Foul odor. When used sanitary products are not disposed properly, a foul odor would circulate in the bathroom which is unhealthy and embarrassing when you happen to have visitors.  

Improper disposal of feminine waste is a big threat to the society. Every woman using a public washroom is at risk of acquiring harmful diseases.  Even at home, many are at risk for acquiring infection.  For example, contaminated waste can be found by small children who are playing and can cause infection.  People should be encouraged not to throw their sanitary wastes anywhere or on the toilet.  Wastes should be thrown on their proper places.  

Traditional trash bins are now being replaced with the newly developed ones that are especially designed for feminine hygiene disposal.  These bins are hands free to prevent transmission of diseases.  Some of its additional feature includes an antibacterial lining to reduce the thriving of bacteria on bin surfaces and a deodorizer to minimize odor.  There are also trash bags that are intended for feminine hygiene products.  It is a handy pouch where you can wrap your sanitary pads, wipes, and etc. before disposing it into a trash bin.  This is much safer than wrapping your sanitary items on a toilet paper.  You can bring it with you so you could dispose your sanitary products hygienically whenever trash bins are not accessible.  

Personnel who are assigned in handling contaminated wastes should also be well trained to protect themselves from any possible infection or injury.  It should be known to all that from the time a sanitary product is thrown to even after it reaches the site of final disposal is a threat to everyone who may come in contact with it.  Utmost care should always be observed to prevent contamination.  

Through proper feminine hygiene disposal, the spread of possible infection will be minimized as well as reduce the risk of accidental injury to the community.  The overall atmosphere of a washroom in any institutions would be pleasing and comfortable.  Moreover, foul odors would be minimized as well.  

These specially designed sanitary disposal products are available online.  You can check out the various brands, types and sizes if you are interested to have one.